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 FALL HOMECOMING 2019: Sept. 30th-Oct. 5th 

Information for the 2019 fall homecoming is listed below. Please note the complete information may not be provided until closer to homecoming week:



  • Monday, September 30th: “The Breakfast Club” (Pajama Day)
  • Tuesday, October 1st: “Moana” (Tropical/Tourist Wear)
  • Wednesday, October 2nd: “Dodgeball” (Athletic Attire)
  • Thursday, October 3rd: “Batman v. Superman” (Hex Day)
  • Friday, October 4th: “Lights. Camera. Action!” (Orange and Black Day)



The parade will take place the morning of Friday, October 4th. All clubs/organizations, fall sports, and student body classes are encouraged to develop a float of some sort that matches the theme of “Lights. Camera. Action!”

  • Each class should get with their class sponsors for float details.
  • Please have candy or goodies of some sort to pass out to the OES/OMS students on the parade route.
  • Homecoming Court: It is your responsibility to obtain a vehicle and driver to transport you through the parade. 



  • The homecoming dance will be held on Saturday, October 5th
  • Tickets will go on sale Monday, September 23rd for $3.00. The cost will increase to $5.00 the night of the dance. 
  • All students who plan to bring an outside date MUST have a completed guest form submitted to the office BEFORE Friday, October 4th. Guests without a guest form will not be permitted into the dance. 

​​**Please dress appropriately—this is a SEMI-FORMAL dance. Students are encouraged to dress nicely: dresses, shirt and tie/bowtie, slacks, jeans w/o holes, etc. If you have any questions, see Ms. Pyle in RM 17.